5 Meals Your Office Will Love


    Nothing adds a little flair to a mundane day at work quite like a fully catered meal for the whole office. Catered meals at work are delicious, convenient, and provide a fun atmosphere where co-workers can socialize and be a bit more casual. A balanced, healthy afternoon meal can also re-energize the team to tackle the rest of the day’s duties.

    One of the biggest advantages to office catering according to Encore Catering, a Catering Denver company, is the wide range and availability of options. Here are just a few examples of some great meals that are perfect for your next office lunch or party.

    Breakfast Burritos

    Burritos are a great option for breakfast at the office. They’re quick, easy to eat, versatile and highly customizable. They’re perfect for buffet-style set-ups and can easily incorporate vegetarian and gluten free options (i.e. corn instead of flour tortillas). Sausage, bacon, and chorizo are some of the more popular proteins found in breakfast burritos, which are also great with potatoes, cheese, and of course scrambled eggs.


    Salads are a good go-to for office lunches in that they’re healthy, quick and easy to prepare and transport, and customizable. Whether it be in the form of a salad bar or pre-made portions, salads are an excellent avenue for caterers to feature their freshest ingredients.

    If salads are the star of your catered business lunch, it’s best to offer a variety of greens, vegetables, proteins and dressings so that there’s something for everyone. And of course, don’t forget the croutons!

    Sandwiches and Wraps

    Nothing says lunch like a good sandwich or wrap. Customization is the emphasis yet again, and offering a range of breads, spreads, meats, and veggies is crucial. Some caterers take it to the next level with hot sandwiches such as a French dip, fried chicken or patty melt.


    If you’re in the catering business and you don’t offer BBQ, you’re doing it wrong. BBQ is perfect for catering businesses because it’s easy to prepare in large quantities and is universally loved. The only downside is the time factor; proper BBQ smoking can take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours depending on the type of meat and quantity used. If time isn’t on your side, consider going with ribs or fish, as they smoke quicker than other BBQ foods.


    To add a little elegance to a business lunch, consider a charcuterie plate. A French term meaning “cooked meat”, charcuterie displays a collection of often-fancy meats, cheeses, and accoutrement. They’re great for appetizers or snacks and draw the attention of everyone in the room when presented creatively.