2019 Trend: Buying Cars Online


I remember years ago when buying something online felt a little weird. Most people, at least back then didn’t want to trust an online purchase without the ability to touch, feel and try the item they were about to buy. The trend wasn’t really capitalized on until Amazon. Buyers quickly started trusting the online purchasing cycle because they trusted that Amazon would stand behind their purchase 100%.

Later, retailers like Blue Nile started fetching big bucks for high ticket items like engagement rings, diamonds and more.

For 2019, the trends are shifting to online car retailers. Take Carvana for an example – Carvana allows potential car buyers to browse cars online, set up financing and the delivery of that vehicle online.

Many years ago, the thought of buying a car online might make you chuckle a bit. That was, until the Colorado car dealer, The Sharpest Rides started shifting their efforts to online buyers in addition to visitors to their lot.

“We’re seeing a major shift on how consumers purchase cars,” noted Ed Billingsly, from the National Car Buyers and Dealerships Proclamation Association.

“The dealerships who will do the best this year, will absolutely be dealerships who offer a buy, pay, finance online solution,” he concluded.

According to dealerrater.com, dealerships like The Sharpest Rides bring in better customer experience.