Should You Install Gutters at the Same Time as Your Roof Replacement?


Your roof has seen better days, and though your gutters look better than your roof, they’re not exactly new either. Roof and seamless gutters go together like peas and carrots so if you’re having your roof replaced, does it make sense to get your gutters replaced at the same time?

So, Should You Install Gutters at the Same Time as Your Roof Replacement?

Your intuition isn’t off, getting your gutters replaced at the same time as your roof is the right move. Let’s learn why it’s a good idea and tips that can make your gutter and roof replacement even better.

Why Installing Gutters at the Same Time is a Good Idea

Would you schedule an oil change and a tire rotation on different days? Of course, you wouldn’t so why wouldn’t you get gutters at the same time you’re getting the roof replaced? If you choose a roofing contractor that can take care of both your roofing and gutter needs, you only to have to talk to one contractor.

If you hire individual roofing and gutter contractors, you can still get the benefits of the roofing company to assist you in gutters. Residential roofing crews are made up of four to twelve roofers while a residential gutter crew is usually only one to four guys. When scheduling roof replacement request that the roofers tear off the gutters and prepare your roof for new gutter installation. Since the larger roofing crew can tear off and prep your home more efficiently than the gutter crew, it makes for a smoother gutter installation process.

Tips of Getting Gutters Replaced During Roof Replacement

Your roofing company may have an in-house gutter service, like local roofer A to Z Roofing. If they do – go for it.

Choosing one contractor for your roof and gutters make for a smooth consultation and replacement process that will save you time and energy. Packaging your roof and gutters into one deal will usually net you a better price than hiring the services separately. Like you want to see a picture of your roofer’s previous work, you also want to see pictures of their previous gutter work before hiring.

If you think it’s a good idea to install new gutters at the same time, you install a new roof you’d be correct. The roofing crew makes the gutter installation more efficient, and many roofing contractors offer roof and gutter replacement package deals that are cheaper than choosing both services individually. Choose a great local roofer, a great local gutter contractor, and your home will look better than it has in years.